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The Construction Cleaning Specialists in Lubbock

We provide expert construction clean-up services at any stage of the building process, A Cleaner Solution focuses primarily on commercial post construction clean-up but we also offer pressure washing, window cleaning, and hard floor coatings.

Construction Clean-Up Specialist:  Not A Janitorial Company

We focus and specialize in construction type cleaning.  There is a huge difference in construction cleaning and janitorial cleaning.  Construction cleaning involves cleaning dirt created from months of blowing dust in facilities initially without doors or windows.  It involves cleaning paint and texture off of glass, window frames and floors.  It involves working in active construction environments with other contractors also trying to complete their jobs.  Janitorial cleaning companies don’t face any of these factors.  They’re staff is simply not trained in this type of cleaning.

Choosing the wrong company with inexperienced staff, can lead to scratched glass, damaged window frames or destroyed floors.  All of these irritate owners, cost money, and delay completion of jobsites.

A Cleaner Solution specializes, trains, and works in these environments every day.  We know how to navigate and successfully clean all of the above realities.

Give us a call at 806-792-5888 and let our name become your reality.  A Cleaner Solution 

Flexible Post Construction Clean-Up

Our post construction cleaning services get you set for important inspections.  Also, having a clean worksite helps ensure crew safety and allows work to happen at a faster pace.   Our team is there for you to handle any needs you may have on your project. 

Post Construction Cleaning Services include:

  • Sweep and mop or auto scrub all hard floors
  • Clean baseboards
  • Wipe down walls
  • Clean all restrooms (mirrors, tubs, showers, sinks, toilets)
  • Clean all fixtures (ceiling fans, lights, etc.)
  • Clean all built-in cabinets and empty all drawers
  • Clean all interior and exterior glass

We also offer additional floor care:

Stripping & Waxing VCT, Vinyl Plank, Concrete, and Terrazzo

Virtually any floor that needs a coating, we can handle.      

Choose the construction cleaning experts who understand your requirements.  Free estimates and reasonable rates.  Call (806) 778-5888 to find out more.